$ROCK is nothing, but a totally useless meme coin. The rocks have already marked the uselessness in the NFTs, and in the crypto coins it was not going to be less.


Supply: 100B

Uniswap LP: 75B

CEX & Marketing: 6,9B (All Burned)

Bonfire: 18,1B (All Burned)

Launch: Stealth

Initial LP: 1 ETH

Buy tax: 0%, Sell tax: 2.5% for the team (since Team didnt get any initial tokens)

Bonfire Wallet: rockbonfire.eth (18.1% Supply Burned already)
CEX & Marketing Wallet: rockmarketingcex.eth(6,9% Supply Burned already)

ROCK coin has no association with Ether Rock project. This token is simply paying homage to a meme we never understood but we enjoy.

info@erc20rock.com | Twitter | Telegram | Etherscan | Dextools | Uniswap | Contract Address: 0x85516e8862ab543ea15972b7809256efec0696ea